Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spaces and Places: COMA @ Spitalfields 17th June

Shamefully long time since I updated this. The London Sinfonietta gig was a great success - it's great to hear such brilliant performances when the players have only run through the pieces three times before the gig itself!

The next concert will be on June 17th, as part of the Spitalfields Festival. My piece, Sunday Afternoon on Radcliffe Square has been selected for performance in the COMA Ensemble's (that's Contemporary Music for Amateurs - not sure if the acronym is supposed to be ironic!) contribution to this year's festival. The piece is written using an open score, so the instrumental line-up is dependent on who shows up on the day - from experience in rehearsals, there are normally a helluva lot of cellos and the odd enthusiastic wind player. There's also an evil piano part in it!

It should be an excellent concert though, and the players commit to their work with an energy and enthusiasm that put most professional musicians to shame. They'll also be premiering specially commissioned works by other composers far more emminent than myself. I believe Michael Nyman may feature, but I could well be making that up. So it'll be well worth checking out.

Being free, the price is right.

Christ Church, Spitalfields (near Liverpool St Tube) @ 7pm, 17th June.


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